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In Loving Memory of

       Laura Jane White             

January 20th 1987 - July 12th 2002


Dec. 19th

Planning for a Fundraising Concert (for the Leukemia Foundation) dedicated to Laura is in progress. Date and time set for sometime this coming Spring, 2003.

Dec. 18th

A further update to Laura's Bravery page with the positive meeting December, 18th with Dr. Doug Cochrane, Vice President, Childrens' Hospital and the changes to be incorporated in the Division of Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology.

Dec. 10th

At a candle light service at Ocean View Burial Park where Laura is laid to rest the Minister told all of us of a true story that made him a believer that Life does indeed continue on the other side and we believe it too from the many signs Laura has left us. The family wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. This is a poem that was in the program at the service. The words are powerful and comforting:


Grieve not for me
Nor mourn the while,
For happier would I be
to see you smile.

Let no tears fall
Since I have passed,
But miss me and
Remember me each day.

Live your lives
As I would want you to,
and treat thy fellow man
As I would do.

And when the time has come,
Your lives be through,
I shall be waiting here
For each of you.

Nov. 22nd

Laura's Memorial at Gladstone Secondary School - A remembrance to a student, sister, daughter and a very special friend to many.

If my words should ever reach you,
 do not only listen. 
Bring my words to your heart 
and hold them in their place.

Midi: Think of Laura
by Christopher Cross







Rose & Robert White (parents)

Christine White (sister)

Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial

A beutiful site with caring and dignity
for Children who have passed away.