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Riddle me this Riddle me that can you solve the riddles really fast?

A Riddle! A Riddle!

1) Riddle me, riddle me, what is that, Over the head and under the hat?

2) Thereís a flower in the garden, Itís just like a cup; Itís yellow, as yellow as butter, And they call it a _______

3) A riddle, a riddle, as I suppose, a hundred eyes and never a nose.

4) Old mother Twitchett had but one eye, And a long tail, which she left fly; And every time she went over a gap, She left a bit of her tail in a trap.

5) Long legs and crooked thighs, Little head and no eyes.

6) A house full, a hole full, And you cannot gather a bowl full.

7) Black within and red without, With four corners round about.

8) Red within and red without, With four corners round about.

9) From house to house he goes, A messenger small and slight; And whether it rains or snows, He sleeps outside in the night.

10) Higher than a house, Higher than a tree; Oh, whatever can that be?

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Please let me know your answers by Email. I'm very anxious to hear from you. If you know of any jokes you can also Email them to me.

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