In Loving Memory of


The Angel that left us much too soon.
May Laura find peace and love in Heaven above.
God bless Her and keep Her forever safe.
In Jesus name, Amen.

A page dedicated to Laura.

On where she is buried at the Ocean View Funeral Park, 
Burnaby, British Columbia.
Thank you Peggy for your input on this page.


JUNE, 2014

I am training for my third Conquer Cancer bike ride next August, 2015 in memory of Laura. January 20, 2014 would of been Laura's 27th birthday. We miss her so. Please make a donation for Laura and all Cancer victims. They are the True Heroes. I have a site where you can donate online. Research with "T" cells and cell memories are providing hope for cancer victims. The World Health Organization now says Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world. CLICK HERE FOR "MY RIDE FOR LAURA" WEBSITE Thank you so much for donating for Cancer Research. Bob "Laura's Dad. Here is a photo of Laura and her dog Ayla. Laura's dog Ayla passed away January 2nd from a cancerous tumour by her stomach. Ayla died peacefully in our arms.

January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012 was a cloudy day but no rain. It was a mild winter again. Friends of Laura continue to leave flowers as she is still so loved and missed. Christine, Rose, Richard, Kevin and Bob lit candles, prayed, recited poems and released balloons. Happy 25th Birthday our Laura. Ayla's is also buried now with Laura. We love you Laura and Ayla so much. THINK OF LAURA Writer: CHRISTOPHER CROSS Every once in a while I'd see her smile And she'd turn my day around A girl with those eyes Could stare through the lies And see what your heart was saying Think of Laura but laugh don't cry I know she'd want it that way When you think of Laura laugh don't cry I know she'd want it that way A friend of a friend A friend till the end That's the kind of girl she was Taken away so young Taken away without a warning I know you and you're here In everyday we live I know her and she's here I can feel her when I sing Hey Laura, where are you now Are you far away from here I don't think so I think you're here Taking our tears away.

January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011 was again as always a beautiful day. no clouds and no wind. It was a mild winter. It was such a lovely day again. Friends of Laura continue to leave flowers as she is still so loved and missed. Christine, Rose, Richard, Ayla Kevin and Bob lit candles, prayed, recited poems and released balloons. Happy 24th Birthday our Laura. We love you so much. As we light our candles for Laura, we light one for our grief, one for our courage, one for our memories, and one for our love. We love you Laura We always remember you.

April 12, 2009

Happy Blessed Easter our Dearest Laura We love you so much.

January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010 was again as always a beautiful day. no clouds and no wind. After the winter it was such a lovely day as usual. Friends of Laura had left beautiful flowers as she is still so loved and missed. Christine, Rose, Richard, Ayla Kevin and Bob lit candles, prayed, recited poems and released balloons. Happy 23rd Birthday Laura. We love you so much. In The Candle's Glow Warm light coming from far below Twinkling, sparkling is the candle's glow All is well up in Heaven above We see the lights and feel your love.

January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009 was as always a beautiful day. no clouds and no wind. After the terrible winter it was such a lovely day. Friends of Laura had left beautiful flowers as she is still so loved and missed. Christine, Rose, Richard, Ayla and Bob lit candles, prayed, recited poems and released balloons. Happy 22nd Birthday Laura. We love you so much. Gone are the days we used to share, But in our hearts you are always there, The gates of memory will never close, We miss you more than anyone knows, With tender love and deep regret, We who love you Laura will never forget.

July 12, 2008

July 12th, 2008 was again a lovely day as all the past Angel Anniversaries. Friends and Relatives gathered at the Cemetery to honour Laura with poems, Song and lots of memories. With candles lit several balloons were released. Gorgeous flowers were left for Laura, who will forever be in our hearts. ~Love you - Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla
Thank you Linda and to all the other lovely people who sent gifts for Laura.

January 20, 2008

Dearest Laura

Although 6 days earlier Laura's Mom, Dad and dog Ayla were in a car accident; And with her Dad just being released from the Hospital; we were there at Ocean View Cemetary to wish Laura a Beautiful Heavenly 21st Birthday. It was a lovely evening as in the past five birthdays as we all lit candles, Recited poetry and Laura's Uncle sang the Lords' Prayer. We all thanked God that Laura's parents and her Dog Miraculously were not more badly hurt. Thank you everyone who wished Laura a Happy Birthday and to wish Laura's parents a speedy recovery from the auto accident. When you feel a gentle breeze Caress you when you sigh, It's a hug sent from Heaven From your Angel so near and not so very high. If a soft and tender raindrop Lands upon your nose, It's just your angel's kiss As fragile as a rose. Laura is our Angel.

July 12, 2007

Again we were blessed as in all the other Angel Anniversaries and Birthdays since 2002 with a lovely day on July 12th. Several family members and friends were there to light candles, recite poems, sign and then release balloons. Laura's Uncle Bill sang, "The King Of Love My Shepherd Is". Beautiful flowers were left for Laura, who will always be in our hearts for ever. ~Love you - Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla This poem was sent by Linda. ~ ANGEL DAY~ Your Angel Day has come It seems only yesterday When God called you home. Many tears have fallen The heartache never leaves Then there is grief on top of these. You are missed in more ways than we can count, You are loved by one and all, Many memories will be recalled. Your Angel Day is here, We'll keep on loving and missing you, Tomorrow starts another year. ~ by Doyle Alldredge (2005)~ Thank you Linda,Beth and Karen and to all other people who sent gifts for Laura.

April 08, 2007

Happy Blessed Easter Dearest Laura In Church today we thought of you so much Memory flashes of you and Christine Searching for Easter Eggs with so much happiness on this day. We know you are still smiling as you are for sure with us in Church giving us loving hugs. Excerpts from a beautiful poem. Author unknown.. ~ Dearest Mom and Dad ~ When you wonder the meaning of life and love Know that I am with you. Close your eyes and feel me kissing you In the gentle breeze across your cheek. When you begin to doubt that you shall ever see me again Quiet your mind and hear me. I am in the whisper of the heavens Speaking of your love. When you lose your identity When you question who you are and where you are going Open your heart and see me I am the twinkle in the stars smiling down upon you Lighting the path for your journey..

January 20, 2007

Laura, Happy Heavenly 20th Birthday. Again, a beautiful day for this your special day. Catch the balloons as we release them with loving memories of you, Laura. Feel the warmth and love as we light candles remembering you. One day we will be together again. To see your lovely smile and hear your sweet voice. Love you always, Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla Thank you Linda,Beth and Judi

July 12, 2006

Laura, we love you And physically miss you As it dawns another year. In our lonely hours of thinking Thoughts of you are ever near. We think of you in silence. No eyes can see us weep. But still within our aching hearts Your memory we keep. Wonderful memories woven in gold These are the memories we tenderly hold. Deep in our hearts your memory is kept To love, to cherish and never forget. Love you always every minute of every day... It has been 4 years But it seems like yesterday We were with you in the Hospital. Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter our Dearest Laura. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly four years since you went to Heaven. Your presence we miss but we hold memories of you tightly in our hearts; and we make a point to think of new happy moments of you, Laura, to keep and hold for ever. With all of our love, Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla

January 20, 2006

Happy Heavenly 19th Birthday Laura, Your presence we miss Your memory we treasure, Loving you always Forgetting you never. ~ Love, Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla
January 20, 2006 turned out to be a beautiful day & evening in which we lit candles, recited poems, released balloons and said prayers for our Laura. At home we sang Happy Birthday and shared a lovely cake.
January 23, 2006: The sad news is that Laura's Budgie named Turkey died of a weak heart in Christine's hands. Turkey was nearly 10 years old. ~REST IN PEACE TURKEY~
Click on the above candle to hear the touching song, "Precious Child"

July 12, 2005

We Love you so much Laura, The moment that you passed Our hearts split into two The one side filled with memories The other side left with. Thinking of you so much with many happy memories of us all together. Three years seems like yesterday the day you crossed the Heavenly Bridge. It was a beautiful evening to light candles as Christine and Laura's Mom and Dad prayed & sang songs. Love, Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla

June 07, 2005

Our hearts are filled with so much emotion right now as you would be graduating from Gladstone Secondary today. We visualize you, Laura, walking across the stage to get your diploma. You are always loved and missed so dearly. Thank you for those Heavenly Coins we are finding around the house. Mom, Dad and Christine and your dog Ayla.

March 27, 2005

Happy Easter Laura.

Our Easter is not complete without beautiful memories of past Easters' and the fun times we all had together. We know you are always with us. Thank you again for all those Heavenly Happy Treats Laura. We love you sooo much! This poem of yours is so beautiful: Sing with the birds Sing with the birds Sing, and see how nice it is outside And with that the sunlight will enter your heart Sing with the birds Sing, sing, and you will soon see That all will come and all will continue When you think the joy in your life is gone then just remember that joy really exists The best things in life will vanish but soon they will return It�s up to you to sing and to smile You will never be alone on this earth It�s up to you to run to the light without lingering When winter is in your heart The spring will awake The flowers which never were so beautiful Will rush true the snow Be convinced that one day you will smile at your sorrow which seemed endless One day life will show you that I have a good reason to tell you this Just sing ? Sing ? Sing with the birds !

January 20, 2005

Happy 18th Birthday Laura. Our love for you continues on forever To touch us every day. We hug our precious memories of you Close to the heart. And honour you, our lovely Laura, Who did choose us from the start. The rain held off as we lit candles, said prayers, and sang Happy Birthday for our beloved Laura. Laura's friends left beautiful flowers which added to the lovely day. we honoured a beautiful Daughter, sister, cousin and friend this day.

November 14, 2004

We Love you Laura, The moment that you passed Our hearts split into two The one side filled with memories The other side left with you We often lay awake at night When the world is fast asleep And we take a walk down memory lane With tears upon our cheeks Remembering you is easy We do it every day But missing you is a heartache That never goes away We hold you tightly within our hearts And there you will remain Life has gone on without you But it will never be the same We love forever and always. Mom, Dad and Christine

September 17, 2004

Our deeepest sympathies go out to the family and close friends of Heather Dreger, a Music Teacher of Laura, who died after a heroic 5 year battle with Leukemia. Heather and Ashley, her husband, gave us a lot of comfort after Laura's passing. Heather will be missed greatly.

July 12, 2004

Laura,The tragic events of two years ago are so fresh in our memories. We love you very much and cherish those 15 1/2 years with fond remembrance of you that is burnt forever in our hearts. This poem is you, our Laura: We lost you just two years ago, A sorrow that still sings Of all the tears and emptiness The loss of loved ones brings. Our sadness comes from missing you, And missing you from love, And love from all the love in you That we became part of. Your love is still alive in us, We feel it ever new; Our mourning's filled with happiness By memories of you.

April 11, 2004

Laura, Memories are so profound at this time of year. All those Easter Egg Hunts and the Happy Faces on Christine's and your faces as you find those hidden eggs. God Bless You and have a wonderful Heavenly Easter Laura.

February 14th, 2004

Laura, Your family and friends want to wish you a beautiful Heavenly Valentine's Day. Love you always, Mom, Dad, Christine and Ayla

January 20th, 2004

Laura's candlelight ceremony went well for her 17th Angel Birthday. It was very mild for this time of year and quite calm. Just a lovely night. About 15 of Laura's family and friends were there. 17 colourful candles were lit around Laura's marker. Bob (Laura's Dad) recited some lovely poetry, Rose (Laura's Mom) said a few prayers, Christine sang two touching songs and we all wrote a Birthday Message to sweet Laura on 10 Silver Helium Balloons. We then all sang Happy Birthday as we released the balloons. These balloons stayed together forming a circle as they disappeared from our view. As we left the cemetery in the darkness all the candles still burned and beautifully lit up the area where Laura rests. For sure Laura was with us. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers plus lighting a candle for Laura.

December 3rd, 2003

"Silent Night, Holy Night" was song by everyone in the Church at Ocean View Burial Park where Laura is laid to rest. Candles were lit at the time and not a dry eye was seen. the Ministers at this special Christmas Service consoled us all with beautiful words and lovely poems and stories to help us through this Holiday season. A night we will never forget.

November 12th, 2003

With our first Fundraising event for Leukemia Research we raised close to $800.00. We want to thank everyone who attended the Dance and Song night October 25th and everyone who generously donated money to help find a cure for Leukemia and blood related cancers.

July 12th, 2003

Laura's First Angel Anniversary. Please see the new Angel Anniversary Page to see photos and a beautiful verse.

May 24th

The Tribute Memorial at the Chan Centre went very well on the 24th of May. It was called, "Remembering Our Children". All the childrens' names, including Laura, were read out and photos displayed of the children on a large screen. There wasn't a dry eye in the building. The Ceremony honoured all the children who passed away since last May, 2002 from the Childrens' Hospital and the Canuck Place Hospice. Volunteers at these places sang a few beautiful pieces like Josh Groban's "Somewhere Out There". We all participated in the reading of this lovely and powerful poem: "WE REMEMBER THEM" In the rising of the sun and its going down, We Remember Them In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter, We Remember Them In the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring, We Remember Them In the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer, We Remember Them In the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn, We Remember Them In the beginning of the year and when it ends, We Remember Them When we are weary and in need of strength, We Remember Them When we are lost and sick at heart, We Remember Them When we have joys we yearn to share, We Remember Them So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us as, we remember them. May the source of peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved.

Feb. 1st

A further update to Laura's Bravery page with the positive meeting December, 18th with Dr. Doug Cochrane, Vice President, Childrens' Hospital and the changes to be incorporated in the Division of Pediatric, Hematology and Oncology. UPDATE: On December 18, 2003 work is in progress on the revised side effect literature for Chemotherapy regarding Acute Myelocytic Leukemia.

Dec. 10th

At a candle light service at Ocean View Burial Park where Laura is laid to rest the Minister told all of us of a true story that made him a believer that Life does indeed continue on the other side and we believe it too from the many signs Laura has left us. The family wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. This is a poem that was in the program at the service. The words are powerful and comforting:


Grieve not for me Nor mourn the while, For happier would I be to see you smile. Let no tears fall Since I have passed, But miss me and Remember me each day. Live your lives As I would want you to, and treat thy fellow man As I would do. And when the time has come, Your lives be through, I shall be waiting here For each of you.

Nov. 22nd

Laura's Memorial at Gladstone Secondary School - A remembrance and to a student, sister, daughter and a very special friend to many. Laura's choir sweater will be hung in the school Library.

Music: "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"
from The Phantom of the Opera(2004). The music will take 6 minutes to load before playing.




Rose & Robert White (parents)

Christine White (sister)