July 12th, 2003

Laura's First Angel Anniversary will be always remembered for the support of family and friends who attended the Church Service at Noon and the candlelight Memorial later in the evening at Laura's Gravesite. Prayers and poems were read and many of Laura's friends talked about their memories of Laura. Laura's Uncle Bill sang a beautiful song. It had rained very hard in the afternoon but the sun had broken through shortly before the gathering of everyone at Laura's gravesite and a rainbow appeared. It was so beautiful and still(no wind)during the candlelight memorial, and when it was over the rains came again. Was it just a lucky break in the weather or a gift from our Laura? Rose, Christine and Bob thanks everyone for attending the Church Service and Candlelight Memorial, plus everyone else who lit a candle for Laura and sent or gave us comforting words and flowers.

As Read by Laura's Uncle Bill at the Candlelight Memorial:

"Some people are like Comets.
they streak through our lives in a flash of excitement,
love and awe.
Then they are gone, never to be seen again,
although we think of them often,
Cometlike people cannot be held onto or controlled.
They need to keep moving,
lighting up yet another sky.
Sadly, some comet types die
too young, and we miss them and
grieve deeply in their absence.
But the angels know
that each comet person
who has left the earth at a young age
exits in a burst of
light that remains for the good of those left behind.
A comet would never want us to mourn its disappearance.
So comet people want us to remember the
joy they left behind and to allow the love we had
for them to continue to grow,
blessing others in their path."
Laura for sure is an Angel Comet.

The authors of this "Comet" piece are Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain from their book, "Angel Wisdom".

An Angelic reflection: I know in my heart that love continues to grow across the barriers of time and space.

Photos taken July 12, 2003 on Laura's First Heavenly Angel Anniversary...