Jan. 20, 2003

Laura's 16th birthday candlelight memory at her Grave site went well. The weather co-operated as 16 candles stayed lit around her Stone Marker. About 45 friends of Laura were there to wish her a Happy Birthday. Josh Groban's beautiful song, "To Where You Are" played in the background. Balloons were signed by many of Laura's friends and then released. Amazingly the balloons stayed together and formed a cross. Many thanks for all of you that came to light candles at Laura's birthday memorial, and for everyone else who lit candles in her memory.

Laura, You are Our Angel In Heaven!

We may no longer be together,
As you're not here with us anymore.
But we still feel you deep in our hearts,
Just the same as it was before.

For we could never forget our love,
Or our beautiful memories of you.
And we know that even in Heaven,
You still recall those memories too.

When we gaze up at Heaven to you,
And you look down on us.
Our smiles light up the whole sky,
For all of Heaven and Earth to see.

Our love will always live on,
As our souls will forever be connected.
God made our cherished souls immortal,
So our love for each other, would be protected.

Knowing that you are at peace,
Brings comfort to our sad hearts.
And we know God will take care of you,
Now that we are apart.

Until we are together again,
And sharing our heavenly home.
We will always have our Angel in Heaven,
Smiling down on us, and never be alone.

'Love, Dad, Mom and Christine

Photos taken January 20, 2003 on Laura's Heavenly 16th Birthday...