You wrote in my guestbook and I had a chance to check your site and I was moved to write this poem, perhaps by Laura, I don't know why but I did. This happens to me from time to time and I always think it is for some special reason. I was meant to meet Laura today and so I wrote this from her heart to yours

I am sorry for your loss but I also know that heaven gained one very beautiful and special angel, who will always be young, who will always be beautiful and who always shall watch over you each day.
All the best to you always."
-Francine Pucillo

~ Message From Laura ~

See my wings within the sky
Love that sweetly flutters by
Colors drenched with softest hues
Each day I bring them all to you

I was here and loved you so
Just in case you didn't know
Feel the breeze within the wind
My spirit gently flows again

For deep within a moment
When thoughts of me are there
Know that I am near you
With wings an Angel's prayer

Beyond the tallest mountain
Where sky and sun now meets
I see you in the distance
With love that always greets

My wings now span the ocean
My heart feels harmony
Knowing that I'm with you
Sweet gift God gave to me

Upon the earth your daughter
Your sister and your friend
Within the sky a testament
Of every heart that blends

I am the gentle flower
That blooms in early Spring
The sun that warms in Summer
The message Autumn brings

In Winter I'm the crystal
That falls upon the ground
Sparking with such beauty
That makes our love rebound

For I am always with you
The way that it should be
Each season there's a reason
To touch you gracefully

Love is always with you
In life it's never far
Take a moment ~ see me
I'm exactly where you are.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Owner of Garden of Life's Emotions

Copyright October 17, 2002